In Memory & In Honor of Donations

You may give "in honor of" or "in memory of" an individual at any time - simply note it when you send in your donation.

We will also notify the appropriate designate of your donation, should you request it.


*Donations listed below were received between February 1, 2023 though August 31, 2023*

In Memory of 

Eileen Brown

by: Thomas & Danielle Griffith


Mary Bernadette Faherty

by: Sharon Ely-Pearson, Paulette Faherty, Chris & Teresa Gervasio, Michelle Iacovelli, Mary Komjathy, Lynn Nestler, Marilyn Stebbins, Maureen Stevens and Fred & Judith Totten


Bette Hance

by: Marie DeBlasio and Linda Montervino


Barbara Jefferson

by: Anna & Richard Hall


Carl Krause

by: Renae Ross Starker


Kathleen Lengfeld

By: Gerd Lengfeld


Thomas A. Malloy

by: Ida Malloy


Eileen Monroe

by: Anonymous, Beth Barnes, Marie Driend, Linda & James Duck, Karen Evanko, Carlyn E. Kolb, Evella Mitchell, Doug & Cathy Monroe, Beverly Phillips, Bonnie Rhoads, Diane Stein and Dorothy Szczech 


Miriam Ross

by: Lois Krause & Renae Ross Starker 


Edward Sweeney

by: Karma Chow, Deborah Halpern, Charis Wilcox and Virginia Verdi 


Patricia Venable

by: Amy Venable Ciuffreda & Mark Venable 


Elizabeth Williams

by: Constance Herrstrom, Susan Martin and Lawrence Russo 


Elaine Zola

by: Margot Baroni


*Any omissions or errors are unintentional and can be corrected by calling our office at (609) 695-3483.*