Corporate "Adopt-A-Route" Program

Since 1973 Meals on Wheels of Mercer County has steadfastly focused on our mission: to be a premier, comprehensive nutrition program committed to providing nutritious meals and related services designed to promote the independence, dignity, health, and well-being of our homebound participants, even if they are unable to contribute to the cost of their meals. Throughout the last few years, we have faced numerous obstacles such as food shortages and price increases, and a loss of volunteers, but thankfully our community continues to rally around us, supporting our efforts to reach our elders in isolation.  

In Mercer County, 87% of those we serve are either below the federal poverty line, or vulnerable to it, and require a subsidy. Over 55% of them live alone and more than 42% are 80 years or older. For most of our seniors, our Meals on Wheels meal delivery is a sorely needed lifeline.

Each day, we provide nearly 300 participants with a hot, nutritious meal. Many of our participants receive a medically tailored meal.  Additionally, our participants can so receive a second daily cold meal, as well as additional weekend meals on Fridays. All meals are overseen by a registered dietitian and follow all NJ Standards for The Nutrition Program Serving Older Adults. In addition to regular meal service and well visits, MOWMC provides monthly deliveries of non-perishable food items so participants can have a “little extra” in their homes; informational materials on relevant topics of interest such as good nutrition; fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer months; and some receive monthly pet food bags tailored to the specific needs of their pets. We also provide individual nutritional counseling, targeting our most frail and vulnerable members.  

To address this need, and knowing that corporations are always looking for opportunities to give back in their community, Meals on Wheels of Mercer County has created Adopt-A-Route

When you Adopt-A-Route, the route will be NAMED for your company for one year!

The adopted route will bear your company’s name and logo on the delivery car and on our MOWMC website.  Participation in this program immediately elevates your company’s visibility in the community.  It highlights your company as a philanthropic leader with a proactive approach to making a difference in alleviating food and nutrition insecurity in Mercer County. 

Each of the Meals on Wheels of Mercer County’s 25 routes are up for adoption.  We are requesting a $5000 contribution per adoption.  Why is this a contribution you should feel good about?  This amount will provide one year of meals to two isolated seniors in need.

Meals on Wheels of Mercer County is looking to have all of our routes adopted by December 2023, holiday time. Please give this wonderful opportunity your best consideration.  We thank you.

For more information, contact:

Evett Shulman, Meals on Wheels of Mercer County’s Chief Development Officer, 609-695-3483